My parents taught me as a young boy to be honest, truthful and do my very best. They promised if I lived my life with integrity, the rewards I reaped would push me to work harder.    They were right and integrity is something that I’ve instilled in my children. Nothing compares to the pride and satisfaction that we get from giving an honest day’s work and doing our very best - no matter how many hours it took or the obstacles that we may have faced. My approach in life and in business can be summed up in this quote, “Integrity is what we do, what we say and what we say we do.” Don Galer. Dad and I may have started our business with a small residential mower, a truck and a trailer -  but we built our company on honesty and truthfulness. Now, TennLawn is the largest total grounds management service in Northwest Tennessee.    We give our customers the BEST- Quality, Dependability, Fair Prices, Liability Protection, State Licenses and Educated, Simple Answers. We don’t take kickbacks, make back door deals or attach ourselves to powerful  individuals. We are honest, hard-working and do our very best. We come up with new solutions to old problems and expand our services to meet customer needs. This is how we get and keep customers.    Thanks for viewing our website.  We hope you are interested in our first class service. Please feel free to call or email us for further information or to schedule your appointment. - Ronnie Wales Closed Cab Tractor - Daytime Debris Management Program  -  Active Weed Right-of-Way Licensed Applicator  -  Offering Comprehensive Grounds Services Packages Selected Chamber of Commerce Small Business of 2009  -  Copyright TennLawn Grounds Management 2012 CHECK US OUT ON FACEBOOK