Hardscape- Patios, Walkways, and Retaining Walls


TennLawn specializes in outdoor hardscape installations. We use premium materials with our experience and dedication to give you the outdoor living area you've always wanted!


Patios-  Paver patios create a unique outdoor experience for your family or guests.  The pavers come in different styles, shapes, sizes, and colors to give you multiple options to best fit your house and vision for the landscape.  With a patio, you can also add fire pits, fireplaces, sitting walls, outdoor kitchens, and stone tables.


Retaining Walls- Retaining walls create a unique design in your landscape and also can add functionality to areas that are hard to maintain. There are several block options and colors that can match any need. Whether you are adding a wall to a steep slope to make it more maintainable, creating a raised bedding garden, or simply adding a wall for appeal, we can take care of any situation.


Paver Walkways- bring style and sophistication to your home to make it stand out in the neighborhood.  Paver walkways turn an ordinary walkway into a walkway with character.  Adding a border can help make the walkway more defined and show the curves of the walkway.


Bed Edgers- adding stone bed edging can really bring out the curves in your landscape.  Plastic and metal tend to get lost in the landscape but stone edging will stand out and tie in your beds with the rest of your hardscape. These stone edgers will last longer than other forms of edging!


Call the office today and take the first step to having the outdoor living area of your dreams!