Chemical and Fertilizer Programs


Here a TennLawn Grounds Management, we have over twenty years experience treating Tennessee lawns. Our knowledgeable technicians provide superior service that will make your lawn full and healthy. We use a 6-Step Lawn Treatment Process applying pre-emerge chemicals in late fall and early spring to control summer annuals like crabgrass and others, and post-emerge chemicals to foliage as it grows. In our Fertilization Applications we use nitrogen during the growing months and phosphorus and potassium during the dormant season to protect from the harsh winter climate. Sometimes we suggest SOIL AMENDMENT TECHNOLOGY depending on the health of your lawn. We also offer W.E.C services which allows us so spray any gravel or railroad ties. TennLawn Grounds Management is a Licensed Commercial, Restricted and General Use Chemical Applicator specializing in Horticulture Lawn and Turf, vegetation management, background and right-away.